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Our History

During the late 1940's there was a fresh wave of anointing resulting in a number of ministries being launched in the USA by the Holy Spirit. These included AA Allen, Oral Roberts, William Branham and, of course, Billy Graham. In England this anointing equipped Henri Staples. His wife, mother, mother-in-law and a few other faithful prayer warriors had been praying for Henri. He played the piano at the local Pentecostal Church in Mansfield but he was not as committed as he should have been. His priority was making money.  He was a very successful businessman with shops in Newark on Trent and market stalls far and wide.


One Sunday in 1948 God knocked Henri off his piano stool and anointed him with a deliverance ministry and that was the start of Henri's Revivals in the United Kingdom and Europe. Henri soon had new converts along with those who did not feel fulfilled by what was on offer in the churches. It was never his desire to start another denomination, rather for others to get this blessing of love, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit and take it back to their own church. Henri and the Glory Team regularly travelled all over the UK and parts of Europe spreading the Good News of the Gospel.


An opportunity came up to have a few meetings just down the road from where Henri lived in Fiskerton Methodist Chapel. He rented the Chapel and it was packed with standing room only every Saturday night. It was only intended that the meeting should go on for a few weeks. Forty years later Fiskerton Chapel still rings to God's praises every Saturday night. During that time the Chapel has been bought from the Methodists and, since Henri's death in December 1992, various people have led the meetings, the longest serving being Roly and Josie Steeper. Roly and Josie put much effort and their own money into securing the Chapel and then carrying out renovation works. Josie supplied the food and drinks. They are much loved and fondly remembered, Roly going to be with the Lord in April 2017. Since then Mike and Sue Copeman have taken the reigns and we continue to see the Holy Spirit bringing in new converts.


The Lord has abundantly blessed the folk who have gathered at Fiskerton over the years. Recently that blessing has increased and we have witnessed the power and love of God moving in salvation, healing and deliverance. Some of those testimonies you can read about on the testimonies blog.


Everyone is welcome at Fiskerton. We gather to worship God and our primary purpose is to see the power of God change people's lives as He has changed ours.


Henri always told us that he had had his day but it was now our day to blaze the trail for a mighty revival. He did not want a group of people who copied what Henri did. He wanted men and women who are led by the Holy Spirit to do what God has anointed them to do.


The reason the meetings came to be known as Glory Meetings was that the Glory of God came upon the meetings and many were saved, healed and delivered just where they sat or when they were prayed for. Many of those that came into the meetings received that anointing and carried the Presence of God with them. We are hungry for God and hungry for God's power to flow out and meet the needs of those around us. Whatever He does, as long as the Presence of God is evident and lives are being changed for God's glory that is all that matters.

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