God replaced my knee!

My right knee was extremely painful, movement was very limited, my knee was swollen and if I could actually get it to the floor the pain was excruciating. I tried everything: a knee support, joint lotions, pain killers and eventually acupuncture which did give some relief. I went to see my Doctor who sent me to hospital for a MRI scan. The result was a shock, he recommended a surgical knee replacement.

One evening at Fiskerton I asked everyone to get in a circle for us to pray and enjoy the Presence of God. As we stood there my knee moved and cracked of its own accord. It appeared to be so loud I thought everyone would have heard it but apparently not. After the meeting I said to my wife, Sue, that I thought the Lord had healed my knee, for the first time in months I was free from pain. As time progressed it became obvious that the Lord had, indeed, healed me. I had no pain, full movement and I could kneel. My knee was completely normal. Occasionally, I get a twinge but I rebuke it in the Name of Jesus and remind the devil that God has healed me - the twinge immediately goes.

Our God is so wonderful. His healing power openly displays the authority that He has given to the Church. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.

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