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Healed by the grace of god

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Danny had been coming to Fiskerton meetings for some months, what we did not know was that he suffered from mental illness. One evening as the meeting progressed the Lord gave a word of knowledge describing the impact of this illness upon his life: the anxiety and anguish he suffered on a daily basis. This word changed into a word of prophesy declaring that this is not how it would be for the future and describing the absolute deliverance that Danny would enjoy.

Immediately God's Presence and His peace settled upon the meeting: not a sound, not a movement everyone absolutely still, for quite a long time.

After the meeting Danny came and said that he still had that peace reigning in his heart. Six weeks later he still had the peace of God reigning in his heart and he had suffered no more symptoms of the condition that God had totally delivered him from. Some weeks later he came and told us that he was completely off all of the heavyweight drugs he had been taking to control his condition for the last 12 years.

Praise the Lord!! Danny's life is now totally different and he sees a bright future for himself.

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